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Brandon Apartments

Thinking of Selling?

We've helped people at all levels

RTT Realty has assisted individuals in high levels of Florida State Government, worked with international as well as domestic investors, assisted the CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations and first time home buyers. We've been asked to present local market information for Fannie Mae correspondents and we've worked with Multi-Million dollar deals to some of the most affordable properties around.

Contact Us Today For a Listing Review

813-503-5318 or

We will review your goals, explain the Brandon market and discuss your expectations as well as any timing needs.

Will you need to short sale? What are the current market conditions? Is the house down the street more desirable than yours? Are you priced out of the market?

We'll answer all of these question as well as any others you may have. Plus we'll make you aware of the things buyers are looking for and how they view your Brandon home. We'll also discuss the things you can control regardless of the current market conditions and what situations you cannot control that might impede the sale of your Brandon home.

RTT Realty has the ability to give you the best:

Guidance –We know the Brandon market and all of its surrounding areas. We do a lot of business and
have a lot of experience here. We're happy to help by doing things like:

  • Explain the Listing Agreement
  • Show you how to get your home ready to sell
  • Help you set an ideal market price
  • Take pictures
  • Review marketing elements

Advice – We know what Brandon homes need to attract buyers and we're very familiar with what buyers in this market are expecting to see in your home. With that in mind we'll work alongside you every step of the way. We will walk through the process of Contract to Close keeping you informed of Contract requirements and legal timelines.

Strategies – We know what needs to be done to give your Brandon home the best representation and optimal potential market interest. We have proven methods to help like:

  • Considering Pre Inspectionst
  • Inspection contingencies
  • Finance contingencies
  • The facilitation of all Title work

Negotiation – We understand how to give you the upper hand on the deal to maximize the potential value of your property. We know the difference between power and the illusion of power. We can show you how creating choices allows you to leverage that power.

Marketability – Honestly and most importantly, we are capable of providing you the best web presence, buyer attention and opportunity to sell your Brandon home.

List your home with RTT Realty, the Brandon homes experts, and find out why all the buyers work with us. You need a buyer, that's what we have.


David Abbate

RTT Realty


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