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Brandon Apartments

Brandon Homes Buying Guide

Article I. Initial Consultation

This is the most important detail of Buying a Brandon Home. During the consultation we will review all of the details of the entire home buying process. This is crucial in order for us to successfully and efficiently find your next Brandon Home. Plus, our service and expert advice is always free to you!

Some of the Topics covered:

  • Goals
  • Stat Disclosures
  • Neighborhoods
  • Proximity: School/ Work
  • Home Wish List
  • Expectations/ Standards/ Priorities
  • Current Living Situation/ Timing
  • Questions You May Have

Please give us a call today to set an Appointment 813-503-5318

Article II. Mortgage

Have you already spoken with a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Banker and received a Pre Approval Letter?

If NO, then I can recommend a few companies that we consider part of the team. It will consist of a simple 20 minute conversation over the phone to determine our best game plan.

If YES, then make sure the letter is up to date and have it with you when we have our consultation.

Also, do not make any large credit based purchases like a car, boat or motorcycle.

Article III. Contract to Purchase

Once we have found your ideal Brandon Home, we will be preparing to make an offer to purchase. We will review a comparative market analysis to determine our offer strategy and elements of negotiation.

Article IV. Closing Preperation

After the terms of negotiation have been finalized, we will conduct all of our Home Inspections, shop for Homeowners Insurance, initiate the appraisal process for your lender, conduct the survey and determine clear title can be transferred.

Article V. Walk Through/ Closing Day!

Just before our Closing Appointment at the Title Company we will do one final walk through inspection of your Brandon Home. Once completed and satisfied, we will head over to conduct the Closing and hand over the keys!!


David Abbate

RTT Realty


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